Mission Statement & Values

Our mission is to be recognized as thecontent and language partner of choice”! One that consistently provides innovative, technology-powered workable solutions to expertly and passionately accompany its customers in their digital transition.

Our focus, reflected in our name “DataSource International”, is two-fold: mastering the creation of the highest quality content and ensuring its widespread deployment through global localization.

Our core values:


We are proud of the vast range of language & media services that we are able to offer and we always strive to keep abreast of the latest technological advances. The constant quest for excellence and success is our guide and our shared vision. In fact, a special ‘Reward for Excellence’ was introduced to recognize outstanding performance among our staff and to ignite us all to always put effort forth to attain the highest standards of professional excellence!

A Human Touch to Business

It starts with true client-centricity, putting you at the centre of the story! The human touch is not just about understanding you but also making sure you are supported every step of the way. Our clients are foremost in the actions of our teams who become invested in their needs. Please meet some of our dedicated staff here!      

Respect & Transparency

Respect and openness are vital business characteristics that make all the difference. The respect we strive to have is the respect for our clients and co-workers, for our commitments and for a job well done. Demonstrating openness, on the other hand, creates a space in which trust can be established and win-win relationships can be forged.  


Corporate Responsibility

We understand that as a company we have a responsibility towards those groups and individuals that we can affect, i.e. our clients, our employees, and towards society at large. This responsibility includes being consistent with ethical principles such as honesty, integrity, respect and accountability, and cultivating the best possible environment in which our staff can work and grow.

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