Olivier Darnay

Founder & Managing Director

Sandrine Bommelaere

Operations & QC Manager

Translation Department

Margarita Ng

Division Manager

Special Projects Division

Elisabeth Cham

Division Manager

Commercial & Technical Division

Ka Ying Manin

Administrative Manager

Lap Han Ng

Vendor Manager 

Hennessy Ng

Internal Language

Technology Consultant

Alfred To

Desktop Publishing Manager

Eric Poon

Audio Production Engineer

Becky Chu

Audio Production Engineer

Michael Wan


Blaise Ng

Senior Sales  Manager

Aline Sombat

Business Development  Manager 

Liudmila Baksheeva

Business Development  Manager 

Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Asia’s world city, our headquarters house 40+ talented professionals with an interesting variety of backgrounds and experiences. Most are highly-skilled, committed Project Managers who oversee the full scale of project management and who are the primary points of contact for our clients.

At DataSource, we respect and value cultural diversity. This has allowed us to attract and retain high performers of many different nationalities with a vast array of knowledge and expertise and from a broad range of specialised fields, such as audio-visual production, product photography, computational linguistics and machine translation. Passion for languages is the one common denominator though and it is a passion we are ready to share with you!

Our in-house professionally-trained graphic designers and typesetters are computer artists who can put the best faces on any kind of professional documents, i.e. manuals, brochures, newsletters, presentations, catalogues and all things graphical, including drawings and illustrations. They work hand in hand with our enthusiastic on-site photographer to create high-quality pictures of your products.

Want to add media to your content? Our experienced media production technicians will be delighted to discuss your upcoming projects. With demonstrated expertise in vocal production & arrangement, music composition, video subtitling & dubbing, they will take your content to new heights!

Last but not least, we would not be who we are without the support of our trusted cohort of 1,000+ quality freelancers whom we value and view as a vital asset to our ongoing success. This is a mindset that we think is essential to their effective engagement, commitment and loyalty. Our culture is therefore one of respectful inclusion so healthy and fruitful relationships can be achieved. Finding the right people is invaluable, so we strive to be a good, valued client for which freelancers will want to go above and beyond!

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