DataSource International was founded in 2002 to respond to the growing demand for data, and our name “DataSource” was a reflection of our desire to be an integral part of the then “emerging digital era” and to become a reliable provider of content worldwide. We sought to offer multilingual services that would benefit organisations in an increasingly globalised world.

DataSource now offers specialised services in 80+ languages to 2,000+ clients globally. We provide full support to a vast range of clients, from start-ups to multinational corporations, working in every sector, including finance, law, marketing & digital media, manufacturing, government organizations and more!

To stay ahead of the game, we are constantly expanding our offer to include new services, keeping abreast of the hottest technologies and solutions, all the while striving to provide the highest standard of service at the most competitive prices. Our clients praise the accuracy of our deliverables, the reliability of our services, and the flexibility and creativity of our teams, all of which enable our clients to reach out internationally while having peace of mind.

Even though today’s translation business will now resort to the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and “Neural” Machine Translation (NMT), hence taking a technology stance, at DataSource we also remember to consistently nurture one of the most important aspects of any business interaction: the human touch!


Why choose DataSource?


In 2018, for the fifth consecutive year, DataSource was ranked as a Top 35 Language Service Provider in Asia Pacific by the Common Sense Advisory Inc, an independent US-based market research company catering to the translation industry.


One-Stop-Shop: As a translation & media agency, we are able to tackle complex, multi-layered projects that stretch beyond mere translation. Thanks to our integrated services, our clients can have their multiple needs met in just one location: we’ll translate anything from a single word to multi-million documentation sets, produce all-inclusive, ready-to-print user manuals, complete with line drawings and product photos (we’ll write the content too!), we’ll localize and test your apps, add voice to your content and even subtitle and dub your videos! 

Technological forwardness: Technology is a key enabler to achieving improved business performance and significant commercial advantage. To improve the lives of our customers and better respond to their needs, we have deployed an array of bespoke technological solutions, including a totally Cloud-based Translation Management System offering end-to-end automation and a myriad of third-party connectivity options via API, a highly secure, browser-based Translation Editor allowing for collaborative concurrent editing and increased file security, and a whole range of self-learning, AI-powered “neural” translation machines providing yet another “translation option” to our valued customers. For more information on how we use technology to better serve you, please check our Technology Solutions page here.

Flexibility: At DataSource, we understand the importance of a client-centric approach. We work hard to understand your needs and when those needs change, our flexibility begins! We are always willing and able to adapt to your unique challenges and we’ll change our thought or approach at the drop of a hat to deliver a satisfying solution, one that meets every single one of your needs.

Strict QC Protocols: As an agency relying on a freelance engagement model to sustain an extensive range of language-related services, we differentiate ourselves by following strict selection and assessment procedures to ensure the excellence of our resources. We pride ourselves on our passionate commitment to “no-compromise” in screening and skill testing candidates in order to shortlist the top applicants.  Our recruitment process typically takes 3 months with a fail ratio of about 85%. Ongoing assessment assures continuous measurement of resource performance to maintain quality standards over time.

Long Term Vision: Partnership: At DataSource, we place a strong emphasis on building lasting client relationships based on highly personalized service. We understand that loyal clients are the life blood of service businesses so staying close to our clients and adapting our business to meet their evolving needs will remain a cornerstone of our long-term success.


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