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    Here we share our guides around the theme of translation, and also completed works that are publicly available.

    Translation Tips & Tricks

    A common misconception around translation is that it’s low maintenance – after all if an agency is supposed to be the expert on languages, they can tackle anything given to them, right?  Well, in a sense yes, but generally even if a translation is judged as accurate, it still may not meet your standards without certain guidelines at the outset.


    Comments such as “The terminology is wrong.”, “It reads too much like Google Translate.”, or “Why did you leave a part out in the translation?”, if you have at any point asked such questions during your translation process, this guide detailing our Top 11 Translation Tips & Tricks may be for you.

    IPCC - Research report

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change.  Their 2021 research report is currently only available in English.  Being interested about this topic and sustainability, DataSource translated and typeset the decision-maker’s summary of this 3900-page report into French.

    HKRSA - Research report

    The Hong Kong Retirement Scheme Association (HKRSA) is an organization dedicated to promoting better retirement outcomes through empowerment, advocacy and sharing.  We are proud to have worked on this publication, which involved the template design, translation, and typesetting to both Traditional Chinese and English languages.

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