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What is WPML?

Do you have a WordPress website that you would like to make multilingual?  If so, WPML is the answer.

WPML is one of the most frequently used translation plugins for WordPress throughout the world.  With this plugin, users can send and receive their website content for localisation without worrying about any technical details!  You can choose the content to translate, send it to DataSource, pay and get everything back ready to publish.  Localising your WordPress website has never been easier!

Some of the benefits which WPML offers:

  • Easily send pages to DataSource for translation
  • Instant word count feature
  • Translate all website pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts without worrying about technical aspects
  • Stability, reliability, and security with almost a million sites already using WPML
  • Experienced support team by WPML and priority support for DataSource clients

Don’t have WPML yet?  Buy it here. Buy WPML

Why DataSource?

Since 2002, DataSource offers professional translations using native linguists to 80+ different languages and for a variety of industries such as retail, e-commerce, luxury and finance.  Our clients praise the accuracy of our deliverables, the reliability of our services, and the flexibility and creativity of our teams, all of which enable our clients to reach out internationally while having peace of mind
At DataSource we also remember to consistently nurture one of the most important aspects of any business interaction: the human touch!


How it works

Request a free activation code (API Token)

Do you already have the WPML plugin?  If so, fill in your details in the form below.  We will send you an activation code (token) to connect with DataSource within a day.


Activate and authenticate DataSource

Once you receive your API Token by e-mail, go to WPML > Translation Management > Translation Services. Activate Datasource and authenticate it by entering the API Token.


3. Select the pages for translation

Select the pages you want to have translated and the required languages.  Your text and its word count will be sent to us automatically and we will provide you with a quote.

How to get your word count?

Quote accepted: translation directly placed on your website

As soon as you accept our quote, we will get to work and the translation will be directly placed on your website in the existing format via WPML.


Get started now!

How do you connect with DataSource to translate your WordPress website?  It’s easy!

If you already have a WPML plugin we will send you a free activation code (API Token) so that you can share your content with us to receive a quote or a translation.  Simply fill in the form below to ask for the activation code, or for more information.

If you don’t have WPML, download it in a few clicks and start translating your site.

Read WPML’s detailed Getting Started Guide here.


Contact us

Yes, I would like to receive a free WPML token to be able to easily share my WordPress website with DataSource!




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