Globalisation is not a simple process and at some point, legal translation services are nearly always inevitably required to ensure that legal documentation such as contracts not only exist in more than one language, but also comply with more than one legal system.

DataSource International is a trusted partner for large international firms and global corporations, providing professional legal interpretation services across a wide range of sectors (e.g. banking and finance, compliance, manufacturing, scientific research, transportation and government). We also provide certified and sworn translations – because we understand that written translation and verbal interpretation are equally important for companies to achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that both forms of communication are being conveyed correctly for their intended audiences.

To ensure that client deadlines are met, and that their requirements and expectations are fulfilled, we have implemented a wide range of measures and procedures.

Our linguistic experts each have their own industry specialty – whether your documents pertain to international law, public law or real estate law, we have the wealth of experience to fulfil your requirements.

How can we help you?

  • Translation & Editing/Copywriting Services: Our network of 200 professional legal translators has vast experience in multilingual translation and certified translation services. Our professional and sworn translators, working in their mother-tongue, all have extensive knowledge of technical terminology, grammar and diction. This invaluable expertise allows us to provide precise and accurate services to our clients’ projects. Over the years, we have built powerful and reliable terminology management tools to assist our translators in achieving perfect accuracy and consistency across all documents for your contract translations and other certified translations.
  • Transcription: Our in-house multimedia expertise is at your disposal for producing high-quality and accurate transcriptions of audio and visual recordings. The resulting written transcript may then be directly translated into over 80+ languages.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Once your texts are translated; our design production team can format them to your specifications and create print-ready documents. The full integration of the translation and typesetting phases enables us to pass on savings to our clients and to quickly deliver completed comprehensive projects.
  • Dubbing & Subtitling: DataSource International’s fully-integrated professional recording studio calls on our pool of 400+ international actors to quickly provide our clients with localisation of verbal communications, such as video presentations or webcasts. Whether dubbing or subtitling best suits your project, DataSource International ensures that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

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