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Key success factors for any luxury house today are maintaining a consistent brand image and a sense of rarity across all distribution channels (including websites, email, events and social media) and national markers, without damaging the brand’s legacy.

Furthermore, the luxury industry’s current digital expansion phase allows luxury brand holders to communicate with both current and potential customers around the clock and around the globe. This climate of constant communication points to how crucial language services are to today’s Fashion and Luxury industry. It is not only vitally important to translate between languages, but also to localise, adapt and deploy the digital content promoting global brands using brand-specific terminology.

At DataSource International, our linguistic experts each have their own industry specialty: Wines and Spirits, Fashion & Leather, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewellery. Thanks to their depth of experience, they thoroughly understand and deftly steer brand communication and brand identity. Such expertise is an absolute must-have to respect your brand’s terminology and tone.

How can we help you?

  • Creative Content Copywriting: Luxury goes hand-in-hand with beauty, sophistication, and elegance. After careful study of your brief, our team of specialised writers will craft content that is both completely pertinent and highly aesthetically pleasing, thus ensuring that your brand’s tone is conveyed throughout your materials.
  • Translation: The aim of our experts is to distil your brand’s essence when translating your content from one language to another. The skilful use of language can produce powerful, evocative effects on the reader. A well-chosen word can conjure images and emotions. By polishing and refining the translation of your material with carefully selected words, we can fully convey the luxury brand experience to your customers.
  • Digital Localisation: Our native-speaking professionals can help to disseminate your strategy by localising your content and providing digital support in 80+ different languages tailored to your upscale consumers. We can also oversee the multilingual design of your website regardless of its format: CMS-driven in XML, HTML or flash. We will help you to project a locally-relevant image of your products while respecting your brand’s legacy as a traditional, unique and luxurious brand.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing: Desktop publishing is usually one of the last phases in any basic translation project – the one that gives the final look and feel to the localised materials. Our multilingual design team can use graphical software tools to produce a variety of materials, including e-catalogues, downloadable and printable brochures, and magazines.
  • Voice-Over & Audio Production: DataSource International’s pool of 400+ international actors can adapt your audio-visual material in all languages and all existing formats. Not only can we insert subtitles to increase the visibility and accessibility of your video content across all your markets, but we can also add voice-over or dubbing in the desired local language.

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