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Since our creation in 2002, DataSource International has been a strong player in the Toy & Edutainment sector. Over this time period, we have witnessed major changes ─ not only is the market becoming increasingly competitive, but it has also slowly shifted away from traditional toys in favour of innovative and electronic toys.

This evolution has forced major players of the toy industry to constantly innovate their products and introduce new toys that combine traditional products with digital play to keep up with new trends, and shifting consumer wants and needs. At DataSource International, we have implemented a wide range of measures and procedures to successfully meet our global clients’ needs.

To ensure proper global deployment of your products on your target market, we have implemented a wide range of measures and procedures that assist in the translation and copywriting process for product descriptions, manuals, packaging and advertisements.

How can we help you?

  • Creative Content Copywriting/Editing: Our team of professional translators can proofread, edit or simply write any type of materials based on your specific requirements.
  • Translation: From product user manuals and packaging to ads or video presentations, we can translate and localise texts for specific national and regional markets to and from 80+ languages.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing: We can localise any type of materials in accordance with your specifications.
  • Voice-Over & Audio Production: Our pool of 400+ international actors can produce voice-over content in 80+ languages. They have experience working with the special materials required by manufacturers in Toys & Edutainment sector: interactive educational toys, storytelling, television commercials, tablet or mobile talking applications.
  • Software Testing & Language Quality Assurance: We provide debugging services and testing of software, mobile device applications, web applications and games, as well as language validations (Quality Assurance) to ensure an optimal user experience.
  • Product Photography: Our in-house photographers and designers can enhance the visual content of your packaging, instructions manuals, brochures, ads, websites, and social media accounts to create memorable, eye-catching impact!
  • Line Drawing: Our in-house designers can create detailed line drawings for your technical content and instruction manuals to ensure that your product is accurately represented and customers understand exactly how to use it!

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