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    Packaging that stands out from the crowd

    Design services for packaging

    We are a team of experienced professionals who provide creative visual graphics and artwork services for consumer product packaging.  We specialize in executing packaging designs with a focus on quality and brand consistency.


    Designing packaging is a complex process that requires attention to detail and careful planning.  Within the small space that a packaging box or blister might offer, you need to present your product in the best possible setting, communicate its selling points, work in multiple languages, all while following specific brand and packaging guidelines.


    We can implement and enhance virtually everything that goes on your product packaging including photos, graphics, and texts.  All we need is your packaging die-cut, brand guidelines, and any product positioning brief you may have.  Check out our examples below to see where we can help you!

    1) Westinghouse Waffle Maker

    What was executed:

    • Product photo-shooting with food preparation, simple photo-editing
    • Pictogram creation highlighting specific functions & characteristics
    • Placement of selling points and texts
    • Adherence to brand guidelines

    2) Rasonic Electric Blanket

    What was executed:

    • Product photo-shooting, selection of stock photo
    • Pictogram creation highlighting specific functions & characteristics
    • Complex photo-editing (add photo to background, remove extra elements: standing lamp, tea kettle, bed coverlet, table ornaments, add lighting adjustments for realism)
    Actual product + stock photo = Final edited photo on background

    3) Gifi LED Lights

    What was executed:

    • Translation of 4 languages
    • Pictogram creation highlighting specific functions & characteristics
    • Layout for 5 languages following brand guidelines

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