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    Amazing product photos for your catalogues and packaging!

    Product Photography

    Product photography is another essential part of our one-stop language solutions for businesses.  Whether it’s for your e-commerce site or your brochures, catalogues, user manuals and packaging, a great product photo is a must!  At DataSource, we have the tools and the talent to do the job right!


    Our photographer is versatile, innovative and commercially-trained with a real passion for the creative process, from concept development through to the final stages of post-editing.  Our studio is conveniently located in Hong Kong, close to factories and global buying offices and therefore able to receive your product samples and address your photo-shooting needs efficiently.

    We can create the perfect product photographs for:

    • Brochures & flyers
    • Packaging artworks
    • E-commerce websites
    • Print ads
    • User manual covers
    • Social media materials
    • Online/offline catalogs

    Our "one-stop" services complementing Product Photography

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