As a language service provider dedicated to enhancing global communication for businesses and individuals, we provide access to phone and on-site interpreting services in over 50 languages and for a broad range of industries, including business, manufacturing, educational, legal, medical and entertainment.

Our skilled interpreters can handle a wide variety of subjects and circumstances and are available for various kinds of assignments, from one-off jobs to short-term interpreting projects. They are selected with great rigor on the basis of the expertise and experience required, as well as for their competence and their familiarity with the subject matter.

We will always put the right interpreters in the right place but the choice between the various forms of interpreting will depend on your specific needs, the format of your event and the technical environment of your venue.


Here are the types of interpreting that we have on offer:

Consecutive interpreting

This is a back and forth style of interpreting with a slightly delayed interpreting of the spoken words: the interpreter translates the speech in parts (typically sentences or ideas) during brief pauses that the speaker deliberately makes. It is best suited for business talks, presentations, interviews, court hearings and similar small group settings where there is only one foreign language to be catered for.


Simultaneous interpreting

This type of interpreting happens in real time with practically no delay: the interpreter sits in a sound proof booth and speaks into a microphone while being connected to the source-language speaker via an earpiece*. It is frequently used in high level international conferences and seminars, on TV and radio and for other events with a large number of participants and languages.


Whispered interpreting

Also called “chuchotage”, it is a form of boothless simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter sits or stands next to a maximum of two listeners needing interpreting and literally whispers a summary of what is being said. No special equipment is required and the interpreting is near real-time. It is typically used in court hearings, business meetings and interviews.


Travel/accompanying interpreting

Also called “escort interpreting”, it is a form of consecutive interpreting that involves the interpreter accompanying their clients (one person or a delegation) to social events, visits, exhibitions or even on their travels, often acting as a guide or assistant for them and translating as and when required.


To enquire about our interpreting services, contact us today with a detailed brief of what the assignment entails! We’ll do our best to advise you on the optimal linguistic solution for the event you have planned. Need help with the brief? We’ll send you our free interpreting brief template!


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