Multilingual Desktop Publishing

A seamless localization process includes content that is properly “presented”, whether it is intended for print or destined for the Web. When you are creating a user manual in InDesign or a packaging artwork in Illustrator, along with accuracy of content, the visual representation of the written matter also plays a major role in the overall appeal and value for the target audience. No matter how compelling the content is, if it is poorly presented, it will fall into blind eyes! As a result, and in an attempt to become the complete outsourcing partner in the field of localization, a comprehensive suite of multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) services was quickly added to our service offering.

Those services include:

  • Template development and/or optimization
  • Layout design and/or adjustment
  • Layout & formatting of localized material (both left-to-right & right-to-left scripts)
  • Graphic creation & localization (including technical drawings & schemes)
  • File conversion & content extraction for translation from any original format
  • Document rebuilding based on a PDF document or a hard copy
  • Professional typographic treatment of complex scripts (Thai, Arabic, etc.)
  • Font management
  • Photographic manipulation


Our team of in-house DTP experts is armed with the latest desktop publishing software packages, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXpress. They are also familiar with translation memory and terminology management systems, allowing for a flawless localization workflow.

As required by our strict internal quality protocols, they work hand-in-hand with native-speaking linguists to offer a linguistic QA and ensure that the content is not compromised when functional adjustments are made to accommodate layout variations (the infamous “word swells” or right-to-left scripts!). This collaboration is essential and, in particular, it ensures that different language orthographies are respected (including punctuation, numerical formats, etc.) and that the overall design is adapted to suit the needs of the target audience.

So get started now and let us know how we can help you reflect your business identity in a presentable manner! We are willing and able to work on any project of any size, in any language and in any format. We’ll localize your content and make sure to preserve the “look-and-feel” of the original message. We can use your set layouts or work with you to design new ones! We’ll create new graphics, manipulate photos (we can shoot them too – see our section on Product Photography – and more!


Types of materials routinely handled:

  • Finance & law: annual reports, IPO booklets, corporate presentations, investment reports, HR handbooks
  • Industrial engineering & manufacturing: technical manuals, packaging artworks, corporate presentations, training manuals, product catalogues, internal reports
  • Marketing & distribution: product catalogues, corporate brochures, marketing materials, user manuals, packaging artworks, after-sale & training materials
  • Publishing: magazines, cookbooks, educational & children publications
  • Toys & edutainment: user manuals, packaging artworks, product catalogues, corporate brochures, marketing materials, educational & children publications


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