Software Localisation Testing

Localisation testing is a vital part of any software localisation project. In an era of increasing globalization where different audiences are being targeted the world over, it aims at verifying that every aspect of the localisation was successful. Typically, it involves two major components: linguistic accuracy and end-to-end functionality. Is the localised content linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate? Is the UI (User Interface) properly customized to locale specifics? Is the localised product or application “behaving” as expected or according to specs? Localisation defects can take many forms and it is our job to ensure 100% test coverage so you have a first-class product ready to conquer the local market.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Linguistic validation
  • UI (User Interface) customization & graphics adaptability testing
  • Connectivity & compatibility testing
  • End-user application testing
  • Integration testing
  • Device interoperability testing

Our resources

Our full-time test leads and QA managers rely on a team of 400+ in-house and in-country linguistic and functional testers to deliver an entire range of testing services in 80+ languages. They are your tech-savvy native users, translators, localisation engineers, mobile app enthusiasts, web developers and hardcore gamers, all trained in the art and craft of software testing.

Our methodology

Our rigorous testing process involves the following key steps:

  1. Conduct kick-off project analysis to define the goals, guidelines and deliverables
  2. Create a detailed test plan describing the scope, strategy and time frame for the testing effort
  3. Work out a custom testing strategy
  4. Bring in the best-fit QA team to be briefed and trained
  5. Perform all compliance tests
  6. Prepare a comprehensive bug report where all bugs are “triaged” and prioritized based on their severity  
  7. Offer clear “fixing” recommendations
  8. Call for a debrief meeting to discuss project results and challenges

So get started now and let us become a valued extension of your development team! Give us a call and find out how we can help you roll out your globalization initiatives and produce a successful localisation project. We’ll make sure your localised tech works, is right on target and delivers the value that it should, be it a website, a game or a mobile app.

Examples of software products we can test:

  • Connected wearable devices and other “Internet of things” (IoT) products (smart watches & smart bands, kitchen appliances, etc.)
  • Web & mobile applications
  • Video games
  • Standalone & embedded software
  • Interactive toys & games
  • E-learning courses
  • Websites

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