Since our creation in 2002, translation has been the focus of DataSource business. We translate about 200,000 words daily, helping many companies grow their businesses internationally and achieve success in today’s global marketplace.   

At DataSource, we understand the importance for global businesses of locally-relevant content to engage diverse audiences effectively. No matter whether it is a contract, a user manual or a book, high-value, culturally-competent translations are essential to connecting and communicating with the world at large.

Today we serve over 2,000 clients worldwide, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, expertly delivering translation services in more than 80 languages. To do so, we work with a dedicated team of over 1,000 native translators and linguistic experts, all selected and vetted on their language and industry expertise. Click here to see our LANGUAGE LIST

Our strong operations team comprises 20 project management experts who oversee every stage of the translation process. They are assisted throughout the entire project cycle management by experienced operations team leaders and QA managers so as to ensure that all project requirements are met and quality expectations are exceeded. Click here to meet OUR TEAM

Our project managers also have access to the latest language technology solutions for workflow, translation memory and terminology management. Those are vital resources that enable us to streamline the translation process, boost consistency, increase speed and guarantee savings.

So get started now! Whatever your translation needs, we are here to help! You have unusual or super-specific requirements? You are on a tight deadline or your project is complex? No matter the challenge, we will respond as best we can!

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What can we translate for you?

  • Arts, culture & sciences : biographies, books, documentaries, articles, white papers, reports, press releases
  • Digital: website localization & API, mobile app. content, OSM, software, eCommerce, eLearning, newsletters, catalogues, subtitles
  • Education & Government: educational content, reports, tenders, eLearning
  • Finance: annual reports, accounting policies & procedures, IPO documentation
  • Law: compliance procedures, codes of ethics, anti-bribery & anti-money laundering laws, contracts, general terms & conditions, licensing agreements, patents and trademarks, HR internal reports
  • Life sciences: clinical trials, medical & statistical reports
  • Marketing: SEO, website content, corporate brochures, newsletters, instruction manuals, packaging content, online/offline catalogues, training material, press releases
  • Technical: technical user manuals, training manuals, specifications, assembly instructions, product catalogues, product sheets, online help, parts & components glossaries
  • Video games: scripts, speech lists, storyboards, game rules, online help, subtitles


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