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Audio production services have been an integral part of our service offering since our early beginnings. At the time, our ambition was to be able to generate communication both in writing and in speech, and in doing so, to provide global businesses with an integrated solution that would allow them to localize content not just meant to be read, but also meant to be “spoken and heard”.

It was a pioneering idea back in 2002 and today, it has proven to be a visionary one. Now more than ever, companies have the power to present their brands, products and services creatively across multiple channels and media, be it via a commercial, a video game, a museum audio guide, a dubbed documentary, an interactive product or a mobile application. 

Utilizing 16 years of experience combined with a wide selection of over 400 talented foreign-language voice actors, we can localize your content in over 80 locales. Whether you need a voice-over to educate, inform or simply entertain your target audience, we can help bring your message to life in an effective and compelling way.

Our fully-integrated professional recording studio houses a vast range of industry-standard equipment including Pro Tools, as well as a team of creative studio engineers on hand to “direct” and provide support.

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In the meantime, check out some of our Audio Projects here! You can even Select Your voice Talent for your upcoming audio or video projects!


What can we do for you?

  • Video dubbing & subtitling: for mobile apps, training videos, video games, TV advertisements, documentaries, corporate presentations, in-store product demos
  • Voice recording: for mobile apps, interactive products (toys, electronics, etc), audio-books, audio-tours, eLearning, answering machine systems, in-store announcements
  • Sound effects creation
  • Jingles creation
  • Audio production services


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Voice Recording & Audio Production


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