DataSource International’s state-of-the-art in-house recording studio and sound engineering team is at your service. Our audio production Services can be utilised for virtually any language. We are experts in:

  • Audio Commercials
  • Voice-overs
  • Video dubbing
  • Digital application & software voice work

Since 2002, we have offered audio production services and delivered over 1,000 projects in more than 80 languages.

Below is a cross-section of projects we have delivered for various clients & industries in various languages: Audio commercials, voice-overs, video dubbing, digital applications and software…

Each project was delivered by our sound engineering team from our Hong Kong-based recording studio.


Video Dubbing / Subtitling Projects

Corporate Video – Esko Artwork

Translations of scripts and subtitles of a corporate video into nine languages.
Recordings and post-production include all sounds and subtitles.

Vroom Planet Project – Smoby

Localiszation of animated dialogues in Japanese. DataSource cast a series of ten cartoons with a final selection of fifteen Japanese vocal talents. All sound and effects post-produced by our in-house team.

Pure Spa Project – Intex

Translations of scripts and dubbing of a TV commercial into ten languages: French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Portuguese [Brazil], Portuguese [Portugal], Italian, Polish, and Russian. Recordings and post-production local language and Chinese subtitles. View a short medley of the 10 language versions below.

Sample of Audio Recording Projects:

Audio Tour Guide:

China Pavilion – Shanghai World Expo 2010 – Siemens

English and Mandarin Audio Samples – DataSource produced extracts from an audio tour introducing the China Pavilion in cooperation with Siemens for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.


The Peak Hong Kong – Hong Kong’s #1 Tourist Site

Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean Audio Samples— DataSource produced extracts from an audio tour introducing the Peak Hong Kong, the #1 tourist site in Hong Kong.


Sample of Storytelling & Educational Projects

Children Storytelling– Lexibook

Translation of 20 stories into 6 languages. Listen to multilingual extracts of a story, “In the Forest”.

Sample 2: French
Sample 1: English
Sample 3: Italian
Sample 4: Spanish
Sample 5: Portuguese
Sample 6: German

DataSource Fun Audio Loops

Project 1: Funny Voices
Project 2: Story Telling
Project 3: Thank You Message

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