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A website is a company’s window to a worldwide audience, the fundamental core of its online presence across global markets. Savvy businesses know that alongside search engine optimization (SEO) a well-thought-out localisation strategy is vital to unlocking those global markets and realising the true potential of their digital existence.

Our comprehensive and flexible website localisation solutions combine our technical know-how with the expertise of our linguists to support your localisation efforts in the best possible way, regardless of your preferred means of service and delivery, from low-tech to high-tech. Website localisation does not have to mean complicated technology! We’ll show you what your options are and help you choose the method that best suits your localisation needs and business requirements.

High-tech through CMS integration

If you make frequent updates to your multilingual website through new articles, blogs, or product descriptions, integrating with your Content Management System (CMS) would be the way to go!

Our integration capabilities are leveraged thanks to our Cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) that provides fast and easy access to most commercial CMS via built-in API connectors for a robust website localisation workflow. Automated content retrieval and re-integration into the live environment removes manual effort and error-prone tasks, thus allowing for process and cost efficiency, as well as accelerated time-to-market.


Some of the CMS we have experience working with:



Running a WordPress site? We have some news!

DataSource has now teamed up with WPML, the leading multilingual plugin for WordPress-run websites, to offer its customers a streamlined, flexible and cost-effective website localization workflow! Using this plugin, WordPress site users can now send us their website content for localization into any language without leaving the WordPress environment! Once we have linked to your WPML account as your Language Service Provider (LSP) of choice, you can easily select and transfer us any content that you want localised. We translate and upload the localized content back into your WPML module, for your final approval and publication. No need for the manual processes of content extraction, word counting, quoting, copy-pasting, and formatting for each language. Localizing your website has never been easier!
WordPress websites currently power over 20% of the internet, and over 600,000 sites are already using WPML to reach new markets. This groundbreaking partnership offers WordPress site users the most complete and easy-to-use features while leveraging DataSource International’s full range of services across 80+ languages. Contact us today to learn more (remember to mention “WPML” so we can better assist you)!

Low-tech through manual content transfer

If your CMS does not support multilingual content or if your website is relatively small with infrequent updates and time-to-market is less of a concern, the traditional approach is to proceed with a manual content transfer where the files are manually exported from your CMS (HTML or XML kit) then re-imported back into your system once translated. In the worst-case scenario where your CMS does not have export functionality, just deliver your website to us in a format that suits you (even copied and pasted into a Word file or Excel worksheet) and we’ll take care of the rest! We are comfortable localizing content in all formats, including HTML, XML and XLIFF.EN2

For your peace of mind, all our localisation projects are professionally managed by a dedicated team of special projects managers supported by our software and localisation experts. So contact us today and let us help you make a splash online and grow your audience!

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