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The language services industry is changing and much is being written today on Machine Translation (MT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), SaaS, connectivity and Big Data. As a technology-oriented business, we understand the need to stay current with technology trends to maintain creative and competitive advantages.

A key element of our technological approach and strategy is to partner with a host of “best-of-breed” vendors to obtain and leverage the best-in-class industry-focused solutions. Those focus vendors all offer integration components and a unifying collaborative layer for seamless data communication and management across all application areas.  

Our chosen partners:

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Translation Management System (TMS) & API: Automation, Convergence and Connectivity

In the age of Big Data, automation, system integration and connectivity are some of the top keys to greater Business Intelligence (or BI). End-to-end automation, made possible by our top-notch Cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS), is bringing along a new level of “customer self-service” where you, the customer, can initiate and, most importantly, oversee much of the automation, from project creation to project delivery, via our secure web-based customer portal.

For fast and easy access to external systems (your CMS, ERP or CRM), our TMS offers a myriad of connectivity options, including 40+ built-in API connectors (to Drupal, WordPress and others). Those connectors, for example, allow for a solid website localization workflow where automated content extraction and re-integration can mean additional cost efficiency and significantly reduce time to market.

For greater business efficiency and visibility, our TMS also integrates fully with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), allowing for real-time data communication and integration.      

Key offerings:

  • Direct order placement
  • Real-time project tracking and monitoring
  • Custom on-demand reporting
  • Effective linguistic assets management
  • Secure content transfer & smooth localization workflow
  • Process & workflow automation, from content submission to content re-integration
  • Connectivity to most leading off-the-shelf CMS platforms & online data repositories via pre-built API connectors


Online Editing & Review Tool: Security & Efficiency in the Cloud

Your confidential proprietary information can now be kept in strict confidence with our powerful, highly secure online translation editor. Linguists are indeed restricted to a secure browser-based interface where file security is achieved through print, save and download restrictions, thus eliminating all risks of data contamination, loss or leakage. Your “on-the-Cloud” linguistic assets, i.e. Translation Memories (TMs) and TermBases (TB), are “embedded” into the Online Editor itself for greater efficiency, speed and accuracy. Access to those assets by third parties is also restricted for further data protection.

Want to give us your input on preferred terminology and participate in the review process? Concurrent editing offers an agile and flexible way of reviewing and “collaborating” throughout the translation supply chain, especially for project with short deadlines. To quickly integrate quality improvements, feedback by your reviewers or validators is immediately “looped back” to the original linguists and linguistic assets are updated automatically and in real time.  

Key features:

  • Secure interface with increased file security (options to disable the save, download, print and screen capture features)
  • Permission-based user access
  • Integrated memory & terminology assets
  • Embedded productivity tracking tool
  • Automatic real-time TM update
  • Fast review process for in-country validation


Terminology Management or How Not to Get Lost in Translation

Localization pitfalls with respect to terminology abound and no companies wanting to enter new markets can afford the perils of ignoring terminology management. Our totally Cloud-based collaborative and customized solutions are specifically designed to collect, store, retrieve and organize your exclusively-compiled confirmed, frequently-used, preferred and even “forbidden” terms, abbreviations or acronyms, defining their meaning and indicating their correct usage.  

This robust and centralized technology is embedded into the Online Editor used by our linguists for a simplified, streamlined translation and review process with fewer human errors. The built-in Review Tool allows for your in-country domain experts to actively contribute in maintaining and upgrading your own terminological data.   

Key benefits:

  • Web-based terminology management
  • Increased accuracy & continuity
  • Consistent global branding
  • Automatic consistency check
  • Quick sharing of checked & approved terminology with all users
  • Greater cooperation between terminologists, translators and reviewers
  • Consistent reuse of confirmed linguistic assets
  • Faster time to market


The Rise of the Translation Machine  

While “old-style” translation practices still dominate the localization industry, machine translation or “MT” is picking up steam, assisted by the unprecedented recent progress in AI, and more specifically in Machine Learning (ML). Just 2 years ago, a machine-produced translation would, at best, make “some sense” and at worst, make no sense at all or be all wrong! Today, with self-learning, AI-powered neural” machines (NMT) starting to displace their statistics-based predecessor (SMT), we are entering a new era in automated translation.

So how can machine translation help you? Translation by “mere” humans takes time and costs money. Simply put, a well-crafted MT strategy offers a cost-effective alternative to less affordable human translation when the content is heavy in volume and time and money are short.

Good MT output is achieved through customization (teaching the system to fit your needs) and excellent output through post-editing by flesh-and-blood expert linguists. The exciting thing is our MT engines are fully customizable and for your peace of mind, a team of dedicated “human” post-editors and QA staff are on hand to perfect the MT output and provide ongoing feedback on MT performance. In addition, our MT technology fully integrates with both our TMS and ERP to offer streamlined provisioning of integrated partner solutions.     

Key benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased productivity & faster turnaround
  • Flexibility through custom-configured & trained engines
  • Increased terminological consistency


Want to know if your content lends itself to an MT solution? Contact us today for a review of your content and we’ll recommend the solution that best fits your needs and your budget!

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