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    The only translation agency specializing in toys

    Toys & Edutainment

    At DataSource, we have a truly unique linguistic DNA for toys – our management comes from this industry, and our processes are developed to cater to toy brands and manufacturers alike.  We also use translators who are specialized in this field and work with toy content on a daily basis, making us the best choice to help develop or localize your content.


    We have been working with toy brands since 2002, and over the years have applied our expertise to localize content from a comprehensive range of toy categories.  We have seen it all!  Today, we work consistently with more than 400 toy brands and manufacturers, and expect that number to increase as new toy trends develop.  From classic wooden toys, board games, outdoor toys, remote controlled toys and STEAM toys, to smart toys and apps using the latest connectivity technology, our team of writers, translators, and voice-talents are ready to help with your multilingual content development and marketing!

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    Key figures

    4.5 million+
    Words translated for Toys & Edutainment per year
    Toy & Edutainment projects per year
    Average years partnership with each toy company

    Projects that we work on

    • Content creation and content localization
    • Voice-overs and audio production for interactive toys, talking toys, storytelling, educational games and animations
    • Toy packaging and instruction manuals
    • Commercials for TV and social media
    • Animated TV series

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