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Corporate translations from industry experts and native linguists

Translation Services

Since our creation in 2002, translation has always been a core service at DataSource.  We help corporations from many industries grow their business internationally and achieve success in today’s global and digital marketplace.


Our translation services are cost-effective, quick and accurate:

  • We hire and retain the best linguists possible.  Our linguists are tested, selected and assigned based on their specific industry experience and native language skills.  The onboarding process lasts 3 months, and only 15% of applicants meet our stringent quality standards, resulting in better quality and consistency for our clients.
  • Our linguists have an average of 10+ years of professional experience in their language and industry, meaning that we can understand your content with specialized terms and provide a quick and accurate translation.
  • We use the latest language technology solutions to optimize workflow, consistency and speed whenever applicable.  This helps to share best practices and retain approved terminology for each client account.

Key figures

Native linguists
Target languages
3 million
Words translated per month
Projects per month
Clients Worldwide

Tailored translation services for your industry

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Whatever your translation needs, we are here to help!  Have unusual or specific requirements?  Have a tight deadline or a complex project?  No matter the challenge, we will do our best to meet your needs!