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    Corporate translations from industry experts and native linguists

    The best translation services for businesses

    Ranked as a Top 30 Asia-Pacific language service provider by CSA Research, DataSource has been providing translation services in Hong Kong for 20 years.  As a European-owned translation company, our translation services have helped retailers, financial institutions, and legal firms grow their business in today’s competitive global and digital marketplace, covering markets from Europe to Asia in 80+ languages.

    Whether you’re a business looking for translation services for instruction manuals, websites, or legal documents, our language expertise and industry knowledge can quickly get you the accurate and cost-efficient multilingual translation services you need.

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    Key figures

    Native linguists
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    3 million
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    Clients Worldwide

    How to access our translation services

    At DataSource, our translation process is as efficient for 20+ languages as it is for 1.  Through our translation management system, we dispatch the work to each translator in one go, allowing them to work in parallel and therefore not increasing the total delivery time for multilingual projects.

    First-Time Quotation
    1. First-time Quotation

    Fill in the form here and upload your document in editable formats (doc, xls, pdf, ppt, json, xliff, xml…), specifying desired target languages, and we will reply within 24 hours with a quotation and an estimated lead time.

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    1. Translation

    Once the quotation is confirmed and expectations discussed (*brand style guides or glossaries are welcomed), our Project Manager will dispatch to each of the selected translators, and progress will be monitored until the translation is complete.

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    1. Checking

    Our team will run a general quality assurance check and compile the translations once they’re ready.

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    1. Optional Additions

    We also offer proofreading (from an independent linguist) and typesetting services for the translated documents.  You can ask us about any of these services during Quotation.

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    1. Delivery

    The professionally translated documents will be delivered in the formats matching your original copy, within the agreed upon lead time.  Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, which can be revised or implemented for future projects!

    Why translation matters

    The mistake we have seen some businesses make is to treat translation as an afterthought.

    Allocating only days to translate a source file that took months to create is not a wise move.  Choosing the cheapest agency, or delegating the task to colleagues or freelancers at the last minute can result in quality discrepancies, lengthy processes, and unstructured workflows.  As a result, you may reduce your chance of reaching new customers with late or poorly executed translations.

    Here’s a much safer way.

    Translations are not just about transferring your words into another language.  The best translation services help businesses save time and reach more potential customers.

    At DataSource, we promise:

    • The best linguists : We only hire linguists who meet our stringent quality standards after a 3-month long onboarding process.
    • Industry experience : Each of our linguists has over ten years of professional experience in their language and industry. That is how we can guarantee an understanding of specialized terminology, accurate translations, and a quick turnover.
    • Technology solutions : We optimize our workflows using the latest language technology solutions such as Phrase TMS and Plunet BusinessManager, meaning our clients receive better consistency and speed with our translation services.

    Let us handle the translation process, so you can prevent the hassle and save time!

    Tailored translation services for businesses

    At DataSource, we ensure quality translations tailored for each client by having the right linguists.  Our linguists are tested, selected and assigned based on their specific industry experience and native language skills.  Some of our linguists have been working with us for 10+ years.

    Amazon listing optimization

    For retail clients selling products on Amazon, linguistically correct translations are not enough.  To reach your customers and take advantage of the 2.7 billion monthly visitors on Amazon, you need quality translations infused with localized SEO knowledge.


    We use tools such as Helium and Sonar to:

    – Identify consumer search terms in multiple languages

    – Implement terms in question to increase product visibility

    – Research localized SEO terms

    – Improve product titles and descriptions with SEO terms


    Our linguists at DataSource can translate product names, product descriptions, selling points, and SEO terms to German, French, Italian, and Spanish – fulfilling the brand store page requirement by Amazon Europe and expanding your Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) on a global scale.

    Expect quicker time-to-market with professionally translated and SEO-optimized brand stores done for you.  Elevate searchability and improve performances with our Amazon translation services today.

    Translating scanned documents

    In specific cases, clients may only have scanned pdfs or picture files of various documents for translation.  This may include emails, accounting, business or legal documentation used towards company mergers and acquisitions, or for court cases.  DataSource has the experience to help.


    We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to capture texts from your non-editable documents.  Depending on the quality of the source files, a manual reformatting, correcting or retyping may be necessary.


    Once the texts are correctly captured, they are ready for the translation step.  Depending on the volume, deadline, and the purpose of the translation (for internal or consumer-facing), we can offer you the appropriate translation process such as human translation, raw machine translation, or machine translation with human post-editing.  Each process has its advantages with regards to cost and translated fluency.  In any case, the translated documents will be returned in an editable format, in a similar visual presentation as the original scans or pictures.


    We have translated thousands of pages of scanned pdfs this way. Ask us how we can help translate your scanned documents!

    Get in touch!

    Are you still debating whether your company needs translation services?  Or are you combating tight deadlines and looking for the best way to delegate?  Perhaps you have a project so complex you don’t think any translation company in Hong Kong can handle it.  Well, we’re here to help!


    Please reach out to our team here, especially if you have unique translation needs not listed above.