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    Why Choose DataSource?

    DataSource offers you seasoned, expert staff to manage and coordinate comprehensive communication services across multiple platforms globally.  Our nearly 20 years of experience in the field of translation makes us uniquely qualified to help you deliver your message and products to the world.

    Since 2015, we have been ranked as a “Top 30 Language Service Provider” in the Asia-Pacific region by Common Sense Advisory Inc., an independent US-based market research company catering to the translation industry.  Our attributes:


    As a translation & media agency, we are able to tackle complex, multi-layered projects that stretch beyond mere translation.  We can perform various language services for an extensive range of industries.  Organize your writing, translation, typesetting, photoshooting, and/or voice recording projects with us in one convenient location!

    Technological Innovation

    To offer the utmost efficiency and better respond to the needs of our clients, we use and offer a range of technological services.  These include the use of an industry-leading Translation Management System (TMS), software to handle various website and app content formats, and cutting-edge technologies driven by AI machine learning.


    We differentiate ourselves on our passionate commitment to hire and retain the best linguists that the industry has to offer.  Our resources are tested, selected and assigned based on their specific industry experience and native language skills.  The onboarding process lasts 3 months, and only 15% of applicants meet our stringent standards, resulting in better quality and consistency for our clients.


    We understand the business of our clients and share their excitement in launching new business initiatives.  Over the years we have risen to the challenge on many large-scale and challenging projects, working with tight deadlines, complex processes and a wide range of languages.  As language experts, our duty is to understand complex variables and offer solutions that satisfy speed, quality and budget.