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    Are You Ready to Take Your Business Global? We Are!

    Announcing DataSource’s website revamp — our language services are easier to navigate than ever!

    A lot is changing in 2021, including our new website! Check it out here.
    We’re here to make it easier for your business to expand its global reach through professional language services, which is why we redesigned our website with your user experience as a first priority! So, what has changed?


    1. Simpler communication about our language services

    We reorganized our language services into 3 groups: Translation Services, Media Services, and Language Technology Services. Our visual enhancements make it quick and easy to find the services you’re looking for, while identifying some new services you might not have considered!


    2. More detail about the industries we serve

    With over 2,000 clients in 35 countries, we work in a plethora of industries and have the subject matter expertise in translation to prove it! Quickly identify the industry most relevant to you to discover exactly how we can help your business expand its horizons!


    3. More sound & video samples

    Audio & video is more popular than ever! We added some fantastic audio project samples such as audio books, audio guides, and interactive products / software for you to check out. We’ve also included some recent video projects such as commercials, social media samples and corporate explainers.
    Now is a great time to look into our fantastic Voice Talent Selector to listen to the voices and languages we offer to help take your local message global!


    Our revamped website is also now in 5 languages, so come check out our new features on https://www.datasourcegroup.com and feel free to share within your network. We would love to hear back from you!


    From your Language Expert,
    DataSource International Ltd.


    More about DataSource

    European-owned and based in Hong Kong, at DataSource we serve clients globally since 2002 and are praised for our accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. Our clients range from SMEs to Fortune500 corporations and we can deliver on any type of content ranging from global marketing to technical documentation. We have been ranked as a Top 30 Language Service Provider in Asia Pacific for the last 5 years.