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    DataSource helps translate technical documentation for France’s new Repairability Index (Indice de réparabilité)

    What is it?

    The Repairability Index (Indice de réparabilité) is a recently launched rating system in France for electrical and electronic products, displaying a score from 0 to 10, with the aim of providing necessary information to consumers about that product’s reparability in cases of breakdown. The higher the score, the more repairable the product will be. The goal is to improve product sustainability because last year in France, only 40% of broken E&E products have ever gotten repaired for various reasons (difficulty to fix, cost of repair, etc.). Therefore, in an effort to reduce waste by steering consumers towards easier to repair products and ultimately increasing the repair rate to at least 60% by 2026, the French government has implemented this into law since January 1 st 2021.

    “In 2020, only 40% of broken E&E products have gone through repair in France. The goal: a 60%+ repair rate by 2026.”www.indicereparabilite.fr


    On which products does it apply?

    Initially this Index will apply to 5 product categories, with more planned to be added later. These are:

    • Front-loading washing machines
    • Smartphones
    • Laptops
    • TV monitors
    • Electric lawn mowers (three types: with electric cable, with battery, robot)


    The criteria to calculate the score

    The calculation of the Repairability Index is a scorecard based on 5 criteria:

    • DOCUMENTATION: score on the commitment of the producer to make available, for free and for a number of years, technical documents to repairers and consumers.
    • Ease of disassembly: score on the ease of disassembly of the product
    • Spare parts availability: score on the availability of spare parts for a number of years
    • Spare parts price: the score is established by the ratio between the price of spare parts and the price of the product. Target is under 30%, the lower the ratio, the better the score.
    • Specific criteria: the score is established in relation to sub-criteria specific to the product category.


    Where can DataSource help?

    DataSource can help the manufacturers or the French importers / brand owners on the translation of the documentation related to this Index, since all documentation meant for the consumers’ eyes needs to be in French (by law of August 4, 1994). These types of technical documents include:

    • Disassembly map or exploded view
    • Instruction Manual
    • Service / Repair Manual
    • Troubleshooting
    • Software Update Instructions

    The challenge in this case is that some of the documentation mentioned above (e.g. Repair Manual) would be new content that was not previously required in France. And, even if the content already exists, they are presently in large part only available in English or Chinese. DataSource is the agency that can professionally translate such content into French.

    Since 2002, DataSource has been helping global retailers & distributors translate their products and branding into markets worldwide. We use dedicated resources and streamlined processes to localize all types of content: from product packaging, user manuals, to marketing and social media. We work with 30+ global retailers and 500+ factories in China for their translation requests.

    Visit our technical products page for more information, or contact us at sales@datasourcegroup.com to get a free quote.