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    General Conditions of Sale

    Validation of an order by the customer implies acceptance of the following General Conditions of Sale without restriction or reservation



    – Quotes provided by DataSource are valid for 90 days
    – All prices are inclusive of handling and management costs
    – Lead times or delivery dates shown in quotes and order confirmations are given for information only. In the event of any difficulties, for example in understanding the material provided for translation, the delivery time may be extended to cover the research or clarification time
    – Any modification of an order by the customer shall entail a fresh negotiation of the amount due and deadline with DataSource



    – All materials entrusted by a customer, except for publicly available publications, shall be treated as confidential and shall not be made available to any third party
    – DataSource may provide a confidentiality agreement for a specific order if a customer wishes so and this confidentiality agreement will be signed by all translators and employees working on this order



    – Orders executed within one working day shall be treated as express orders and may be subject to an emergency surcharge
    – The source material must be supplied in a readable, fully-editable format. Should the source material be supplied in a format that is not directly exploitable, a fee may be charged for file conversion/preparation, text extraction, pre-translation reformatting and the like


    Revisions & Additions

    – Revisions or adjustments are free of charge, provided that they are minor, that they are requested within a reasonable time of the deliverables being submitted, that they do not reflect changes to the original scope of the assignment and that they do not require an extensive rework to simply accommodate for different preferences, stylistic or other
    – Any additions and/or major modifications to the source material or scope of an order will need to be agreed upon by DataSource and may result in an addendum to the existing quotation or in a new quotation for the additional work requested



    – Should a customer cancel an order after performance of the service has started, a sum proportional to the amount of work already undertaken (for example the number of words already translated) will be payable to DataSource and invoiced to the customer


    Complaints & Liabilities

    – Any complaint connected with a discount demand must be filed in writing within 15 days of the order completion date and the issues that are the subject of the complaint must be clearly exposed
    – The customer shall not be entitled to any compensation if the issues are found to be a) mere variations in style and terminology, b) genuine but not affecting meaning, c) genuine and affecting meaning but scattered (1 case in 1,000 words). The customer shall only be entitled to compensation if the issues are found to be a) genuine, b) frequent and c) meaning-impairing
    – DataSource’s liability shall be limited to the total value as stated on the corresponding invoice
    – DataSource’s liability for compensation shall not include mistakes in express orders. However, DataSource shall immediately correct any such mistakes should the customer complains
    – It is the customer’s responsibility to check that deliverables are of publishable quality. Publication or dissemination of deliverables produced by DataSource therefore is the customer’s responsibility alone
    – The copyright with regards to deliverables (translations and others) is transferred to the customer upon payment of the full amount due for the work undertaken
    – DataSource shall not be liable for delays resulting from cases of force majeure. Cases of force majeure include natural disasters, unpredictable breakdown of our internet network and other disturbances of our communication lines or data transfer technologies, hidden defects in the source documents. The customer shall be kept informed as soon as possible of any such circumstances