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    DataSource Partners with WPML to Simplify WordPress Website Localisation

    DataSource International Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is now offering seamless WordPress integration to all its clients with the WPML plugin. DataSource customers will now be able to send and receive website content for translation without ever leaving their WordPress platform. 


    This multilingual solution will allow our clients to seamlessly integrate their WordPress content with DataSource’s industry-leading translation services.  The WPML plugin builds a direct bridge between the clients’ multilingual content and DataSource’s extensive network of linguists, simplifying the process of creating and updating multilingual website content. 


    What does this new partnership mean for you? Seamless, easy, timesaving, multilingual content that automatically integrates our translations on your WordPress site.  Localizing your website into multiple languages in order to focus on specific markets has never been easier! 


    WPML makes translation management smooth, straightforward and hassle-free.  Once you have the WPML Plug-in loaded onto your WordPress website, all you need to do is select the pages you would like DataSource to translate.  The built-in WPML interface sends those pages to our linguistics experts and we translate based on pre-agreed per-word pricing.  After the work is complete, we simply upload the files back into WPML and the plug-in automatically integrates the translations back into your site


    Website translation is the key to reaching new markets.  This new partnership allows businesses of any size to reach a global audience.  Our common goal is to make sure that any business from any country can easily expand and reach new clients in foreign countries. 


    WordPress websites currently power over 20% of the internet, and over 600,000 sites are already using WPML to reach new markets.  This groundbreaking partnership offers WordPress site users the most complete and easy-to-use features while leveraging DataSource International’s full range of services across 80+ languages.  Contact our team today to learn more!