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    Our Company

    At DataSource, we understand that consistency is key when marketing to consumers globally.  Today, more than ever, companies are trying to expand market share by bringing their brand to new markets.

    With that in mind, DataSource was founded in 2002 to provide consistent, reliable language expertise and media services to everyone from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.  Fast forward to today — we now have over 2,000 clients who rely on our teams for their content localization needs globally!


    Our goal is simple: to help your business reach new horizons.

    So, when you have a marketing campaign, website, brochure, app or any highly technical, financial, legal material, DataSource is your language partner for bridging those gaps.


    Our language services are organized into 3 categories:

    Translation Services:  We help our clients with an extensive range of translation services in 80+ languages using industry-selected linguists from nearly every sector.  From finance to marketing and more, our experts in translation, editing, and writing will make sure your message is tailored and perfected for each target language!


    Media Services:  We have dedicated teams that can additionally adapt multimedia content destined for audio and video as well as digital print layouts to offer a seamless, integrated solution for all your language needs.  These include our in-house recording studio and international cast of 400+ voice professionals, and our desktop publishing department and photo studio.


    Technology Services:  To stay ahead of the game, we employ skilled language technologists and utilize leading-edge translation technologies such as terminology management systems and Machine Translation (MT) Solutions with deep learning to offer greater accuracy, consistency, and cost-effectiveness on large-scale translation projects.

    Our Core Values


    We are proud of the language and media services that we are able to offer and ensure that our services incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology.  A quest for excellence and success lies at the core of our business.


    At DataSource, precision and efficiency are paramount.  This means asking the right questions from the start of your project, giving the right answers, providing quick and accurate quotes, committing to our lead times, and answering every quotation or inquiry within 24 hours.

    A Human Touch to Business

    We are client-centric, meaning that we put our clients at the centre of the story!  We believe that behind every request are real people with real needs, and our team constantly strives to understand and meet those needs.

    Respect & Transparency

    At DataSource, we have the utmost respect for our clients and co-workers, for our commitments and for a job well done.  By demonstrating transparency, we create a space in which trust can be established and win-win relationships can be forged.