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    Test your products or software before they launch

    Linguistic Validation

    Linguistic validation takes place near the end of the product or software development life cycle and typically involves two major components: linguistic accuracy and end-to-end functionality.


    Is the localized content linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate?  Is the UI (User Interface) properly customized for local users?  Is the localized product or application “behaving” as expected or according to specs?  Our rigorous testing process has been developed over years of projects and follows a strict methodology designed to leave no bug behind.


    We can report bugs online on designated platforms for better efficiency.

    Our testing capabilities include:

    • Linguistic validation
    • Connectivity & compatibility testing
    • User acceptance testing (UAT)
    • Integration testing

    Our resources

    Our full-time test leads and QA managers rely on a team of 400+ in-house and in-country linguistic and functional testers to deliver a comprehensive range of testing services in 80+ languages.  They are your tech-savvy native users, translators, localization engineers, mobile app enthusiasts, web developers and hardcore gamers, all trained in the art and craft of software testing.

    Products or software we can test

    • Connected wearable devices and other “Internet of things” (IoT) products (e.g. smart watches, smart bands and kitchen appliances)
    • Web & mobile applications
    • Video games
    • Standalone & embedded software
    • Interactive toys & games
    • E-learning courses
    • Websites

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