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    Next-generation translations powered through AI

    Machine Translation with AI

    Have massive content beyond the scope of traditional human translation?  Our AI-assisted Machine Translation (MT) solutions might be the answer to help you translate quicker and more economically!


    We build dedicated, efficient and client-specific MT engines that are adapted to quality requirements and continuously improving.  We do this by using the latest neural machine translation (NMT) technologies, combined with one or several layers of customisation using human post-editors to train your MT engine.  Once set up, lead times with machine translation can be at least 5 to 10 times faster than without!  The costs per word for MT are also comparatively much lower than with human translation, guaranteeing savings in the long run.

    Key benefits:

    • Cost-effectiveness for high volume projects
    • Increased overall productivity and faster turnaround
    • Flexibility through custom-configured and trained engines
    • Terminological consistency

    Ideal for:

    • Large e-commerce websites where the content is targeted and repetitive
    • Large amounts of data which are not meant for external use

    Our Methodology

    • Establishing project requirements (e.g. Frequently Translated Term List or Not-to-Translate List)
    • Data preparation and programming
    • Customisation on test batches using human post-editing
    • Configuration of delivery formats
    • Deployment of MT engine
    • Continuous translation updates and improvements

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    Want to know if your content lends itself to a MT solution?  Our team of language technologists and human linguists are ready to help you with a custom solution to fit your needs.  Contact us today!