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    Guarantee brand consistency across all languages

    Terminology Management

    Terminology Management is essential for businesses wanting to achieve a consistent global branding.


    This involves a set of processes, with the help of special software, to ensure that correct terms are used consistently across all your translations.  We offer flexible solutions to help collect, develop, store, harmonize, and update your terminology data across all your target markets.  We can help you build a terminology database from scratch, or improve your existing database.


    And of course, through the use of our integrated Translation Management System (TMS), our linguists will apply your terminology data correctly and consistently during all translation work.

    Key benefits:

    • Web-based terminology management
    • Increased accuracy & continuity
    • Consistent global branding
    • Automatic consistency check
    • Greater cooperation between terminologists, translators and reviewers
    • Consistent reuse of confirmed linguistic assets
    • Faster time to market

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