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    Overcome language barriers for your meetings, exhibitions, or events


    Interpretation involves a physical presence of a bilingual speaker at your meeting, exhibition, or event.


    Our skilled interpreters can handle a wide variety of subjects and circumstances and are available for all kinds of assignments, from one-off jobs to short-term interpreting projects.  They are carefully selected based on the expertise and experience required.  We offer two types of interpreting to address the specific needs and format of your meeting or event, as well as the technical environment of your conference venue.

    Consecutive Interpreting

    This is a ‘back-and-forth’ style of interpreting: the interpreter translates the speech in parts (typically sentences or ideas) during brief pauses that the speaker deliberately makes.  It is best suited to business negotiations, presentations, interviews, court hearings and similar small group settings where there is only one foreign language to be catered for.

    Simultaneous Interpreting

    This type of interpreting happens in real time with practically no delay: the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and speaks into a microphone while being connected to the source-language speaker via an earpiece.  It is frequently used in high-level international conferences and seminars, on TV and radio and for other events with a large number of participants and languages.  We can provide the interpreters, as well as all the necessary technical equipment.

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